Yes, it may be hard to believe but I am also Father Christmas! Thanks to my belly, which I purchased on eBay (I call it my eBelly!!), I am now of suitable proportions to be the jolly old man himself! I have been Father Christmas at Gordon Ramsey's restaurants for three years so the disguise must be working! 

Father Christmas 1

SANTA 1 hour £100

If you would like to hire me to make an appearance at your Christmas Party please get in touch. I do not provide Christmas presents but I will gladly give out yours and provide you with plenty of Ho,Ho,Ho's!! In the photo below I even did a bit of Santa magic and balloon modelling as well! 

For preschool Christmas parties I can do a Cookie Magic show then (secretly) change into my Santa outfit and give out your presents. Prices as per my Magic Parties page.

Father Christmas 3

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